Transportation and Installation of Diesel Generators for Halabja—Bamuk Village with

Operation and maintenance for 1year

Electricity network rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Halabja Hospital

Installation of DG set in Hospital


central A/C system, elevators , electric installation , elevators , fire alarm system, TV and satellite system, Telephone exchange

New water distribution  network

Boilers— Chillers_ Generates _Elevators– LV and HV switchgear— Sewage treatment plant—Nurses call— Central medical gases-  Pumps– plumping

Renovation and adding new buildings to Dartoo and Sherwan schools  in Erbil governorate— with Cham company






Rehabilitation of 400 Bed General Hospital

Laylan Water project— Kirkuk

Hospitals and other buildings

Renovation of Schools

Text Box: Project List

· Client : UNDP

Electricity Network and DG Sets

Electrum      Company

Text Box: Sarchinar Water Project _ Sulymania

Rehabilitation of Sarchinar water project with Cham company

Client : UNICEF—  SWD